Vladimir Angelove

HAYED & Y - SPECIAL, directed by Dobrin Kashavelov and Adriana Gerasimova
TWO ON THE BRIDGE, written and directed by Nickolay Moutafchiev. Preselected for Jameson Short Film Award, part of the 11th IFF Sofia
THE LITTLE GIRAFFE, written and directed by Nickolay Georgiev

WHO SO, music video of the rock band Stereorush (international debut at MTV Rocks)
FOURTH STATE as Christian Neykov, TV series on Bulgarian National Television, directors Stoyan Radev and Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho
INDEPENDENCE DAY, documentary by Hristo Zivkov, as Nikolay II
1002 NIGHTS as Alladin, Talk show, produced by Studio Belle Epoque
TOUCHES – Musical-Poetical Impressions, directed by Velko Yordanov

WELCOME TO BULGARIA, by Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova, directed by Gergana Dimitorva, DNA
PARTS OF THE WHOLE, after Yordan Radichkov, after Yordan Radichkov, directed by Stilian Petrov, The National Theatre of Satire (Sofia)
THE BOOK OF THE KINGS. by Margarit Minkov, directed by Assen Shopov, National Theatre Adriana Boudevska (Bourgas)
LEONCE AND LENA by Georg Buchner, directed by Emil Popov,
NATFA Theatre Krustio Sarafov (Sofia)
THE BETROTHALT by Maurice Maeterlink, directed by Marius Kourkinski, National Theatre of the Satire (Sofia) GIRAFFE by Marii Rosen as Down, directed by Marii Rosen, National Theatre of Satire (Sofia)
THE POWER KEG by Deyan Dukovski, directed by Ivailo Hristov and Prof. Stefan Danailov, NATFA Theatre Krustio Sarafov (Sofia)
SOLARIS by Stanislav Lem, directed by Stoyan Radev, Sfumato Theatre (Sofia)
directed by Marius Kourkinski
ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD by Tom Stopard, directed by Prof. Stefan Danailov.
MR PUNCH stage (Sofia)
WE THE SPARROWSW, Yordan Radichkov, directed by Andrey Belchev, National Theatre of Kjustendil
SID, by Pierre Korney, directed by Andrey Belchev, National Theatre of Haskovo
THE PITCHFORK DISNEY by Philip Riddley, directed by Galin Stoev, Theatre 199 (Sofia)
SHAKESPEARE FOR THE FANSS, directed by Stoyan Radev, The National Theatre of the Satire (Sofia)
THE LITTLE RED HAT +, directed by Nickolay Aprilov,
WHITE TALE by Valery Petrov, directed by Madlen Choulakova, Theatre Revival(Sofia)

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Krastio Sarafov in the class of prof. Stefan Danailov bachelor degree in Acting for theatre and cinema

Children-Youth ?heatre, Sofia
artistic director Nikolay Aprilov

Selfy-Poems, Native Public of Bulgaria, Homework